Three Steps To Moisturized, Dewy Skin

Of all possible skin conditions, dryness and itchiness are some of the most common. While some people experience it only slightly and periodically, others may go through periods where their skin is unbelievably dry to the point of discomfort and pain. Dry skin is not so much a danger to our health as it is an uncomfortable, inconvenient displeasure that can go a long way towards ruining a day. It is so common in people today that there are multi-million dollar markets that cater to skin moisturizing alone. Unfortunately most people find that while skin care products help, the condition returns constantly and they cannot actually rid themselves of the problem. The good news is that keeping your skin moisturized, comfortable, and beautiful can actually be a very simple process. For most people it can be achieved in three convenient, inexpensive steps.

The first step has to do with water. It does many things in the human body, from acting as a solvent for nutrients, eliminating waste products, keeping us cool, and last but not least, moisturizing our skin. Although this sounds obvious, it is by far the most overlooked step in moisturizing skin. Hardly anyone drinks the amount of water a day they should, and one of the results is dry, cracked skin that can be unsightly and uncomfortable. Your body naturally uses the water to completely hydrate the skin from the inside out. Without doing this it can be very difficult to completely cure yourself of dry skin, and you will most likely find yourself masking the symptoms instead of dealing with the problem directly. How much water do you need to drink per day? Like most things, the answer is different for different people. The average adult should be getting at least eight ounces a day, while one who is constantly engaged in physical activity should get between ten and twelve to replenish water lost through sweat.

Once you’ve gotten to the second step you should be drinking plenty of water and your body should have everything it needs to produce moisture. What else can you do? Your focus should now go to making sure that moisture doesn’t escape. Water obviously likes to evaporate away into the air, but this doesn’t do your skin any good, and you have to prevent that from happening. Your surrounding environment can cause serious dryness to your skin, most significantly by sucking up all of the moisture out of it. This is especially prevalent during the colder winter months when the air is much dryer. As strange as it may sound, the best way to keep moisture locked into your skin is by drying it. How can this possibly work? It’s actually very simple. When your skin is wet, the water on the surface quickly and easily evaporates into the air. Unfortunately it also grabs some of the water in your skin and takes it along with it, drying out your skin. This is easy to avoid – simply make sure to thoroughly dry your skin off whenever you get out of the shower, or any other time you get wet.

The third step is skin moisturizers. These are typically the first response people go to solve their skin problems, and while they are not enough to get rid of most dryness issues, they do have their place. These topical products are great at creating a wall of moisture that helps keep water in your skin where it belongs. It’s much harder for your skin to dry out and become itchy or uncomfortable, and it is also typically more resistant to other environmental factors that can cause skin damage. There is certainly no shortage of available products for you to try, but make sure to buy from a trusted brand and go with moisturizers that have as few chemical agents present as possible. These can only irritate sensitive skin and may actually cause problems down the road. Don’t expect them to solve your problems, but do use moisturizers as part of the three-step solution to skin dryness.

These are the three fundamental steps towards moisturized, more beautiful, more comfortable skin. While these are necessary for the average person and should usually clear up most all dryness issues, it should be noted that some skin conditions such as eczema cannot be cured so easily. These methods should help relieve the suffering to an extent, but are not capable of completely removing the problem as these skin conditions are the result of the cells in the body not functioning properly, not outside influences. Except for these cases, people who notice uncomfortable skin in winter and in dry areas should be relieved to know that moisturizing the skin is a cheap and easy task.

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