Why He's Not Passionate?

The concept is to use texting as a way of taking your partner from the boring routines of his / her day as well as transport them in to a fantasy world in which the two of you are the only individuals there: where one can be completely open and honest with each other: where one can be unapologetically romantic and where one can be truly intimate and near, even if your schedules or work implies you can't spend as much time physically jointly as you wish.

In the lot of ways, what I'm likely to teach you will probably feel a lot like playing the "video video game. " You'll send out a text, see what kind of response you receive and then choose your response depending on your desires:

At any time you pick-up your phone and start texting the individual in your life, you should know EXACTLY what kind of reaction you're trying to get out of them.

Should you be a lady, showing your man you know what you want, which you aren't afraid to ask for it and that you really enjoy him will have him grinning just like the quarterback who simply won the big video game.

Guys Are Primarily VISUAL Creatures. You probably know this. Almost all it takes to really get your average guy's motor running is a picture of the girl inside a bikini or something which vaguely resembles a lady in a bikini.

Guys respond to PICTURES. There are a great number of theories about WHY this is, many of them relating to searching dangerous creatures 10, 000 years back. But the fact is that for MOST guys photos or visual language can get him feeling comfy and fuzzy the minute you send very first text.

Through "visual language" I am talking about words just like "blue, " "bright, " "shiny, " "curve, " etc . Detail words that describe what he would SEE if exactly what you're describing to him was actually going to happen or was taking place right this moment.

For instance , when describing a scene to a guy it is possible to say something similar to "You visit a woman with her arms crossed over her chest, sweat slowly trickling down the girl cheek. She appears up with shockingly blue eyes. The lady stares right at an individual with a wide smile and states, 'hot day time, you want a Coke? '

You are going to wish to mix adequate visual language and visual storytelling into the text messaging you deliver.

Don't limit yourself to SIMPLY visual language. Many women use more detailed and emotional language, and they saw truly fantastic outcomes.

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